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Course Description:

Leadership: As a former D1 college football athlete, I learned strong leaders are accountable and trust worthy enough to take care of their responsibility and also wise enough to help their teammates function on a high level. A team full of these types of leaders creates championship teams. These are the traits we would instill into the students to create a championship environment in the business world. Helping the students to reach their full potential, and then take on a leadership role to help their peers is something this organization is designed to do.

Peer to peer interaction: With this portion of the organization, the students will engage in role playing scenarios to practice and experience interacting in positive ways. Finding ways to promote a positive movement will make doing business a more enjoyable process.

Problem solving: Problem solving is an everyday occurrence in each person’s life, and the better you can master this skill, the easier you will be able to find success. Acknowledging that we all face some type of problem in our life, big or small, we can teach the skills and approaches for seeking a solution to prioritize these problems. For confrontational problem solving, we teach nonviolent solution approaches. For time management and work-related problem solving, we teach organizational solution approaches.

Mission Objective:Social and Economic Justice Competency: Students will successfully engage with communities to advance the writing and reading skills of the students in the communities that suffer from historical trauma.  Diversity Competency: Students will learn awareness to eliminate biases towards marginalized groups and learn communication skills to help positively change lives.  Research Competency: Students will use practice experience to formulate research evidence to generate best practices.

Goal Setting

We all become whatever we constantly think. Lets make some clear goals and help you become exactly who you desire to become.

Relationship Coaching

Your reputation is more valuable than any money or material things you can acquire. Become wealthy through social capital.

Stress Management

Master your life by gaining control of all the dimensions of life, plus gaining control of your time.

Career Advice

Live the life you dream and make your lifestyle your business.

What Is Life Coaching?

Who is Coaching For?

Here with Mastermind Consulting Group, we focus on each individual who have decided to take charge of their life and make a change for the better. We take students and turn them into leaders. Take leaders and turn them into entrepreneurs. Take entrepreneurs and turn them into successful business owners. Take successful business owners and turn them into moguls. Take moguls and celebrate excellence and give glory to God.

Own your own company and set your own work hours.

Maximize your income earning potential.

Master all the phases of life; Mental,Physical,Spiritual,Emotional

Cultivate all your relationships into income earning clientele.

Create the time and financial freedom you desire.

About Me

Growing up in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Wayne Lyons II was driven to succeed in both academics and sports. He graduated from Dillard High school as the valedictorian with a 4.8 GPA and over 50 full ride football scholarship offers. Wayne chose to attend Stanford University where he studied Architectural Design and graduated in four years with a Bachelor’s of science and arts in the engineering department. He chose to utilize his fifth year of college eligibility and play football for the University of Michigan as a graduate transfer student. At the University of Michigan, He chose to pursue a master's degree in the school of social work. After only two years, he was able to graduate from the University of Michigan with a masters of social work degree. Wayne Lyons II have since then, created a nonprofit organization that focuses on mentoring and tutoring young students to enable them to become the best citizens and students possible. The name of the nonprofit is Empire For The Youth (EFTY). Wayne is currently traveling and networking to connect with companies, nonprofits and for profits, to build an alliance between all people working towards a positive goal to enhance and empower many communities across the globe.


“Very driven and dedicated towards helping others achieve their goals!"

Highly recommended

“Always have a great attitude and such an honor and pleasure to work with”

Definitely gets my vote

“The entire process has been full of peace and love.”

Very enjoyable

Online Coaching Resources

Servant Leadership eBook

Read the E book on the 12 keys to succeed as a servant leader; "EFTY- The Power Of Believing"

Timeless Motivation

It is often hard to achieve your goals if you lack the motivation and inspiration to go out everyday to accomplish what you set out for.

3 Week Career/Writing Workshop

Learn to perfect your writing skills and apply them to your leisure writing, goal setting, and business operation development.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Let's start with a 30 day, 60 day, 90 day challenge that will put the power of focus into your hands and allow you to write down, make clear, and accomplish whatever S.M.A.R.T. Goals you would like to accomplish. We have a team of experts who can help you in this process of creating your Specific. Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely goals.

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